More Photos of Old CDO

In line with our special feature on the city’s oldest establishments/residences, here’s another set of photos that we were able to get from our friends at Museo de Oro. The photos are really old; and since they cannot be taken out of the museum, we were allowed to “take photos of the photos”. The quality may not be first rate, but I’m sure you’ll be able to picture our beautiful city back when it was still quite young.

1) Are your ancestors here?

This is a photo showing Apolinar Velez and other prominent Kagay-anons of the early years. (We failed to get specific information about what gathering this was. Apolinar Velez was a guest.)

1. Manuel Rivera 2. Ramoncito Neri 3. Apolinar Velez 4. Jose Corrales 5. Jose Velez 6. Alfredo Roa 7. Isidro Vamenta 8. Francisco Corrales 9. Juan Roa Valdeconcha 10. Vicente Neri 11. Antonio Rivera 12. Clementino Chaves

2. †Sala de la Casa Real

Erected in 1831, Casa Real de Cagayan is now what we all know as the City Hall.

3. Lourdes College

Lourdes College was established in 1928. The present building along Capistrano Street was built in 1952.

4. San Agustin Cathedral Before World War II

5. San Agustin Cathedral After World War II

The newly constructed altar of San Agustin Cathedral after WWII

6. Gaston Park

Built in 1624, Gaston Park was named after Segundo Gaston, the first mayor of Cagayan de Oro City.

If you enjoyed walking through old Cagayan de Oro with these photos, watch out for our 3-part feature on the city’s oldest establishments. For those of you who have photos or memories of CDO in the early years (40s, 50s, 60s, 70s), please feel free to share them with us. The more beautiful memories, the more interesting photos, the merrier!

-Text by Maia Fortich-Poblete-

-Research by Gillian Abonitalla, Mara Jayne Tismo & Jay Daphne Bual-

-Original Photos from Museo de Oro (photographed by Mara Jayne Tismo)-

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  1. Johnathan Corrales says:

    Picture 1: Oh yes there is no mistaking that Francisco Corrales is one of my ancestors! I am John Fransis Corrales, son of August Velez Corrales and Dr. Consuelo Castagon Luminarias

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