Pelaez Fitness Gym

The Pelaez Sports Center used to be known more as the venue for street dancing contests, programs during the city fiesta and large reunions and celebrations of various organizations in the city. The provincial government enacted a lot of renovations on the place though, and along with them is the development of the Pelaez Fitness Gym. Since then, it has become more recognized as a sports complex, which is just how it should be.

The Pelaez Fitness Gym

It was only in 2006 that the fitness gym was started at Pelaez. The building is separated in two. The one in front is exclusive for women, while the men use the back part. Presently though, the womenís area is closed for renovation. Ladies can still work out at the gym though, at the area cordoned off for them at the right side of the menís building.

How to Sign Up

The Pelaez Fitness Gym, and basically the whole Pelaez Sports Center, is run by the provincial government. Although the gym has its own set of people and instructors in charge for running their services, management of the gym is collective with the running track and the swimming pool. This is why when you sign up for membership to the gym, you have to do so at the entrance gate of the Sports Center. A booth is setup just beside the entrance gate (left gate) of the sports complex.

They offer the following membership fees:

Annual – P2,000

Semi-annual (6 months) – P1,500

Quarterly (4 months) – P1,000

There is also a monthly fee of P500.

Walk-ins are likewise allowed at P30 per hour.

Customers who apply for these membership fees are entitled to gym privileges such as dressing and shower rooms. The men and women have separate rooms, of course.

Classes, Equipment and Amenities

The gym is mostly geared towards body building. They donít hold group classes; members are instead provided an individual fitness development program wherein each vital body part and muscle area is given attention for each workout session.

Mr. Greg Relovo, head fitness trainer of the fitness gym, takes charge of these individual workouts. He assures that newcomers need not worry about keeping up with the more experienced members, since they will have their own program to follow.

The gym also offers training for boxing (they have a boxing ring), powerlifting and Muay Thai kickboxing.

They also send members with great potential to participate in national and international fitness competitions.

Other Options

Pelaez Sports Center has really improved so much in recent years. The field, which used to be plain grass that tends to stock up mud during the rainy season, is now polished and fenced. A concrete path covered with a special, brown track ďcarpetĒ now makes running in the oval more comfortable.

The swimming pool in the sports complex is also very well kept. It is very appropriate for those who would like to do some laps. Its depth is from four to five feet, and there are four swimming lanes. The swimming pool area is along the back, right across the main stands and sound booth of the Sports Center.

The Pelaez Sports Center oval track.

If you want to change your fitness regimen, you can take up jogging or swimming at Pelaez Sports Center. The fees (membership and one-time use) for the oval are the same with the fitness gymís. Membership for the swimming pool also offer rates for annual (P6,000), semi-annual (P4,500) and quarterly (P3,000). The monthly fee is P1,500.

For more information, you may send your inquiries through email at

-Jay Bual-

Photos by Mara Jayne Tismo

(Info from interview with Mr. Greg Relovo)

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