DíMorvie Suites

Cagayan de Oro has its own version of motels (motor hotel) in the form of DíMorvie Suites. This establishment is good for people traveling to and staying in CDO for only one night. With its low rates, DíMorvie is also a good option if you need a comfortable shelter for one day.

Since DíMorvie focuses only on accommodation, it doesnít have many of the amenities found in hotels. Among the conveniences here are 24-hour security, wireless Internet connection and a small business center.

Internet connectivity is one of the establishmentís pluses. For P250, you can connect to the Web for 12 hours provided you have your own laptop. If you donít have your own computer, the place has an Internet cafť where you can log on to the Web and be charged an hourly rate.

As for the types of rooms and their rates, they are:

Single PHP250
Double PHP300
Deluxe PHP350

All these suites have the same features, and only differ in size. The single suite can accommodate only one person, double rooms are for two persons, and the deluxe rooms can accommodate three persons. However, if you exceed the 12-hour limit of your stay, you will be charged additional fees.

If you decide to stay in DíMorvie Suites, keep in mind that they donít do reservations. You have to go there directly and hope that thereís a vacant room.

Room features include:

-A/C system
-LCD cable TV

While staying at DíMorvie, you will find plenty of city attractions and events near you. Right in front of the place is Mindyís restaurant, a favorite among many Cagayan de Oro residents. Around the vicinity, there are several retail shopping stores, printing companies as well as a primary school.

For inquiries and reservations, you may call (088) 856-9080.

-Text & Photo by Gillian Abonitalla-

(Update: A bigger D’Morvie Suites recently opened in Lapasan. We’ll do a feature on the second D’Morvie sometime soon.)

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