Photobooth Craze in CDO

Vanity is not a vice of the Filipinos, although the call for “picture! picture!” is always met with a mad rush for a good position in the front. No, for Filipinos, and most especially Kagay-anons, this is not vanity but rather an effort to preserve, even just a tiny bit, the pleasant memories and experiences of a particular moment.

It is no wonder then that there are plenty of photo studios in the malls and around the city. Hiring of mobile photo studio booths that can be brought over to where a celebration or gathering is being held is the latest party craze. Having wacky photos as souvenirs has become the popular trend.

There are three such photobooth businesses in Cagayan de Oro that have become popular for birthday celebrations, weddings, baptisms, reunions, company gatherings and the like. These are Shutterbug, Clickworks and Snapinabox.

Shutterbug, The Party Photobooth: Capturing Life’s Treasured Moments

Shutterbug is all about capturing life’s treasured moments through instant and unlimited photo souvenirs. From their poses to the free, fun props they provide, customers will have full control over their instant “photoshoot”.

The photobooth business started in Manila in 2007 and Shutterbug’s owners decided to bring it here in Cagayan de Oro.

Packages and Services

Shutterbug offers their photobooth services not only here in CDO, but also to neighboring cities like Butuan, Bukidnon, Iligan and Ozamis. The booth is available for weddings, debuts, birthdays, baptisms, anniversaries, proms/balls, reunions, school and corporate events, product launches and marketing campaigns.

They have four photobooth packages with different inclusions and rates. The prices range from Php5,500-Php9,500 for two to five hours of unlimited photobooth services and less than 15-second printing of 4R (standard size) pictures.

Other privileges include custom-made photo border designs, logos and text; technical assistance, free delivery and setup for CDO bookings, DVD picture archive, accessible gallery online, fun props and customized backdrops. The photos are of very good quality, long lasting and repel water, smudges, stains and fingerprint marks.

Extra Offerings

Customers will also have a chance for some freebies: a one-hour, free photoshoot session at the Shutterbug studio, or an MTV video slideshow of the event. There are fun and cute props available for customers to pose with.

Shutterbug uses DSLR cameras, studio lights and a photo booth machine that can withstand 5 straight hours of use. Each photo may contain a set of two to six shots, depending on the customer’s choice.

Upcoming Developments

Shutterbug will likely launch a new package this year. This will be an all-in-one, video-and-photo booth that can produce prints in just 8 seconds!

Promo: 5% discount on bookings made one month before the event.

Contact Information:

Door 8, Capistrano-Cruz Taal Streets


Clickworks Photobooth: Loads of Fun in a Click!

It’s all about fun memories and unforgettable times with friends and family for Clickworks Photobooth. Customers can preserve memories and recall the fun time they had during a special event or occasion, as they look at the pictures later on. Clickworks photos are fabulous party souvenirs that can last through the years.

Clickworks started operating a year ago, in January 2010. If you’ve found yourself thinking that it somehow rhymes with Vanityworks and Coffeeworks, you’re not completely off the mark. All these “Works” have one and the same owner.

Packages and Services

They offer four rental rates for their mobile photobooths. For only Php4,499-Php9,999, customers can get an unlimited photobooth service for any special occasion there is. Depending on the chosen rates, the booths will be available for one to four hours.

Other package inclusions are customized photo layout, background and theme, studio lighting, an online gallery, DVD picture archive, fun props and unlimited 4R pictures. In just 10 seconds, guests can already collect their photos!

Extra Offerings

Clickworks offers plenty of additional services so that their customers can maximize their photobooth experience. Along with the photos, they also get unlimited standees (customized cardboard frames) and keychains for double-strip layouts.

They use DSLR cameras and professional flash technology for their lighting. Photos are guaranteed to be crisp, sharp, and simply the best.

Anyone wishing to make reservations or inquiries can visit Clickworks in Rosario Arcade, Limketkai. They also entertain bookings outside CDO.

Promo: Php500 worth of gift certificates for Coffeeworks or Vanityworks Salon.

Contact Information:

c/o Coffeeworks and Vanityworks Salon at Rosario Arcade, Limketkai Compound

0922 8570 411


Snapinabox, Your Portable Photo Booth: Capturing Every Moment in a Snap!

Snapinabox operates its photobooth rental services here in Cagayan de Oro and in Metro Manila. It holds the honor of being the first photobooth rental service in the city.

The business began in early 2009. The owners developed the idea when they once attended a party. They came up with several things they wanted to add, enhanced this with your average photobooth services and implemented them with their services in Snapinabox.

Snapinabox provides a fun alternative for the common souvenir items for birthdays, weddings, corporate functions, anniversaries, school events, reunions, conventions and any other celebration. With a friendly staff, a playful ambiance and wacky props, party guests will be able to warm up and relax more quickly.

Packages and Services

There are many packages and options available in Snapinabox. From Php4,000-Php11,000 you can choose from the different options for their Budget, Basic and Premium packages.

Other features included are unlimited: high-quality 4R photos, photo stands and free use of fun props. They also offer customized layouts and backdrops, online gallery, and your very own picture archive. After each set of shots, photos are printed and ready in just 10 seconds!

Extra Offerings

Customers have free reign on how they want their photos to be. They can gather as many as 12 of their friends at once and have one heck of a wacky picture! Snapinabox’s staff can offer services such as creating a customized layout for the photos to make it as highly personalized as possible.

For their photobooth, they use a DSLR camera with studio flash and excellent photo printing equipment. They can adjust the lighting and camera settings so that customers can hold the photobooth outdoors if they desire. Truly, Snapinabox is dedicated towards making each photograph special and giving customers the best photo souvenirs.

For reservations, a non-refundable P2,500 fee is needed at least a week before the event.

Promo: Additional 30 minutes free for bookings made one month before the event and free 2G USB flashdisk for Premium Package bookings.

Contact Information:

(088) 587 1288


-Jay Daphne Bual-

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