The Gateway-MUST Overpass

Anyone passing through Limketkai Complex will be amazed at the scale of ongoing developments within the property. As though the 21-storey Limketkai Hotel and Office Complex is not a big project in itself, there are several other constructions going on in different areas of the complex. The newest addition in the massive structural construction going on in Limketkai is the Gateway-MUST overpass.

Fulfilling the Original Plans

The first perspectives/renderings of the Gateway Towers included an overpass that extends from the second floor level, over and across the highway, and exiting just outside the gates of MUST (Mindanao University of Science and Technology). The overpass is also an extension of the original rendering for the collective development of the Limketkai buildings that involved the construction of a skywalk, which was already started late last year. The project intends to provide a convenient overhead walkway for the mallís customers who wish to go to Gateway or catch a ride from CM Recto highway. The skywalk will connect the main mall from the second floor of the East Concourse; pass over Missy BonBon and McDonaldís; over the parking lots; connect into Gateway and straight through the overpass; and finally exiting in the MUST campusís side of the highway.

Goals and Purposes

Convenience and safety for the public is the foremost reason for the construction of the overpass. The same concerns will also push the eventual completion of the skywalks.

The overpass is solely an undertaking of the Limketkai Complex. Its construction is not in partnership with the local government or MUST. After acquiring the necessary permits from the city government, the construction of the overpass was finally started at the end of September this year.

This plan cleverly hits two important goals: first, to provide a safe and secure means for pedestrians to cross to CM Recto, which is one of the busiest and most terrifying highways to cross in the city; and second, to effectively encourage people to proceed into Gateway and then into Limketkai Mall itself.

Status of the Overpass Construction

As of the beginning of October, the digging for the foundations of the overpass already started. Construction of the skywalk has been stopped though, which led plenty of people to believe that the project will be cancelled, or at least be pushed back, especially with the ongoing construction of the 21-storey Limketkai Hotel and Office Complex. However, with the construction of the overpass in the works, we can expect that work on the skywalks will be resumed soon.

With the Gateway Twin-Towers recently finished, there is now additional cause for pedestrians from the other side of CM Recto to cross the busy highway. Students of MUST and employees of the other offices and establishments across the highway usually go to the mall, and indeed Gateway, for lunch and during the end of the day. There are several fastfood chains (Jollibee, Chowking), banks, offices and an inn (Travelers Pod) that are already operational in Gateway. One can only expect that people will frequently need to visit the place. Pedestrians are welcome to use the overpass when it is finished, even if they have no intention of getting into the mall.

-Jay Daphne Bual-

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