The CDO’s Popular Hulog-piso internet boxes

††††††††††† Internet is considered to be a well-used commodity today. Most of the people would give time to search on the internet and it is already part of the daily routine to everyone. With the use of Internet, people nowadays can access through cell phones or in the internet cafes with cheap price per hour. All cagay – anons are hooked up into facebook, twitter, my space, friendster, yahoo and gmail because through these they can gain more friends and they can access long-lost friends.

Internet has become a good source of communication especially when communicating friends from far place and even from other countries. They would rather choose internet to send message to their friends rather than to send message using their cell phones. It would be very expensive using cell phones. When you use internet you can gasp more information about what are the latest news and events happening around the world. It gives a big advantage to everyone.

Have you tried the “hulog piso internet boxes”? Usually you see them in the places where people are less of money to go to internet cafes. They were made to let other people who can barely afford paying the internet connections to their place. It is an advantage for them because a hulog piso internet box only costs one peso then you can access internet for a few minutes and you can already enjoy surfing the net.

Nowadays the “hulog piso internet boxes” are getting more popular to rural and urban areas because they are affordable and the users can also enjoy playing online games on it. Most cagay – anon kids would love to come and play some online games and they enjoy playing it with their friends. They spare money from their allowance and after class they go immediately to the “hulog piso internet boxes” and spend a little time there. The hulog piso internet box’s service is the cheapest internet service here in Cagayan de Oro City that everyone will enjoy.

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