Marks & Spencer LKK Finally Opens

Cagayan de Oro has officially become a premiere shopping destination in Mindanao!

The very first Marks & Spencer in the island is now open for shopping lovers and wine connoisseurs. The entire store is filled with high-end clothing, scents, wines and food from the UK. The opening of the store sparked the excitement not only of the Kagay-anons, but also of the people from neighboring cities.

M&S’s Grand Opening

Marks & Spencer opened late last October 28, 2010 to a warm reception from Kagay-anons. Those who have spent time in Manila or had been to the US and other countries were truly excited for the store’s opening. Finally, CDO has its very own M&S store! No more waiting for the next vacation to Manila or abroad before they can get their M&S fix.

The opening day was also graced by two of the country’s most beautiful celebrities. Present to celebrate Marks & Spencer’s opening in Mindanao were ramp and print ad model Ornussa Cadness and ABS-CBN Star Patrol (TV Patrol) and The Buzz reporter Phoemela Baranda.

Oozing with Class and Hospitality

While most people will be cowed of entering high-end stores for fear of being ostracized by snobbish salesladies, Marks & Spencer in CDO is the epitome of hospitality and golden friendship. The moment you walk inside the doors, a friendly guard cheerfully welcomes you. Other attendants are all smiles and warmth as you browse through the goods on display.

The place is obviously high class, but it has none of that snobbish atmosphere that is commonly portrayed in movies and television. Customers are more encouraged to look for things they may want to buy.

Products with Style and Quality

As the leading retailer in the UK, the items sold in Marks & Spencer do not bear the brands that Kagay-anons are more familiar with. They are, nonetheless, obviously made with style and quality in mind.

You can find men and women’s clothing for semi-casual and business wear.

At the back of the store is the lingerie department. Women with tasteful choices in lingerie and those with a penchant for comfortable pajamas will find plenty of items to choose from.

On the right side of the store are racks of perfumes, a door that leads to the best dressing rooms in any clothing/department stores in the city (carpeted with three wall-and-door cubicles, a mirrored wall and a larger, studio-type dressing room), and the food section where you can find the best wines, chocolates, biscuits and other goodies from Europe.

What’s for Christmas?

M&S is channeling the Christmas season early with their Christmas baskets on sale from the food and wines section. The standard food items in each basket include a bottle of wine, pasta or macaroni, jars of sauces, cookies and chocolates, cereals, coffee and tea, and wine cases.

You can choose from any of these three Christmas goodies promo:

  • Luxury Collection – P3,495
  • Pure Indulgence – P2,995
  • Classic Favorites – 2,495

There are also three choices for their wine baskets. They are actually great items to give as presents to your parents, in-laws or friends this Christmas:

  • Luxury Wine Duo – P1,995
  • Celebration Wine Duo – P1,495
  • Festival Wine Duo – P995

-Jay Daphne Bual-

(Photo by Jay Daphne Bual)

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