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The Best Barbeques in CDO

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Kagay-anons in general are passionate about a lot of things, especially food. Their love for food is evident in the numerous food establishments that have begun to sprout all over the place in the past few years. Apart from this, the Kagay-anons’ love for food has made the owners of the city’s oldest food establishments happy for years and years.

Today, the city is thriving with numerous food establishments. A variety of fast food chains, coffee shops, restaurants, as well as food carts are found on practically every corner of this small city. And because of the fact that most restaurants and cafes in the city almost always never run out of customers, more and more entrepreneurs have come to the city to set up their own establishments knowing that the food-loving bunch of Kagay-anons would always welcome them.

Although this group of people would openly appreciate any type of dish served to them, you can’t keep a single Kagay-anon from going back to his/her favorite dish of choice. Most Kagay-anons are avid fans of grilled dishes, explaining why the city is filled with restaurants such as the Inilog Grill, Barbecue Station, Barkadahan Grill, and more.

Steve's BBQ

Whenever the craving starts, most Kagay-anons often head to one of the city’s famous grills, Steve’s BBQ. The establishment is located along J.R. Borja Extension in Gusa. They also have a stall on weekends at the Night Cafe in Divisoria. Steve’s BBQ serves one of the best barbequed dishes in Cagayan de Oro, judging by the number of its satisfied customers.

Butcher's Best BBQ

Barbeque lovers can also satisfy their cravings at the famous Butcher’s Best BBQ. Originally, the owners of the business only maintained a single branch along Hayes St, but as their name (and their barbecues) gained popularity, the owners realized the need for expansion. So a few years later, two new branches were set up, one is found near the Corpus Christi School in Macasandig and the other is located still on Hayes Street, but this time, it was nearer to Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan.

Butcher's Best Sisig

Butcher’s Best is one of those places considered as a haven for barbeque lovers just like most Kagay-anons. Every day, the place is filled with all types of people – from students to yuppies. A few of the restaurant’s must try dishes are the Sinug-wow, Butcher’s sisig, tuna sisig, bowie’s favorite, their uniquely marinated pork barbecues, and more.

The idea behind the food establishment originated from a group of Business Management students from Xavier University. The group began selling barbeques as a thesis for one of their major subjects. Much to their surprise, their barbeques became an instant hit among their fellow students. Inspired by the success of their thesis, the group of BM students eventually opened their first Butcher’s Best barbeque branch along Hayes Street.

In addition to the popular Steve’s Barbeque and Butcher’s Best Barbeque are numerous other food chains that provide great ambiance, excellent service and tasty grilled or barbequed dishes. And as the city continues to progress, both locals and tourists can expect a few or more additional similar establishments to rise within this thriving city of certified food lovers.

-by Mara Tismo-
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