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Cagayan de Oro’s Kagay-an Festival

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

August is a busy month for all Kagay-anons. It is also the perfect time to visit and explore the city because it is when the feast of St. Augustine, Cagayan de Oro’s patron saint, is celebrated.

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Patterned after the famous mardi gras, the Kagay-an Festival is actually a three-hour parade that takes place every 28th of August. It is participated in by various civic-military groups and students from some of the city’s best schools. It features participants in colorful costumes, with some riding on beautifully decorated floats vying for top honors in the Golden Float Parade. Some parade participants execute choreographed movements that synchronize with lively music provided by some of the city’s best school drum and bugle corps.

Aside from the parade, Cagayan de Oro’s fiesta celebration, which actually begins in mid-August, offers other interesting attractions like the Kumbira culinary show and exhibit, agro trade fair, drum and bugle exhibition and contest, several business conventions, and concerts by popular Filipino and foreign performers.

The annual search for Miss Kagay-an Tourism never fails to attract a large crowd composed of both local city residents and curious visitors/tourists. Other well-attended activities include the fluvial parade and the colorful and entertaining street dancing competitions.

Apart from the Kagay-an Festival, there are many more reasons why one will easily fall in love with Cagayan de Oro. Its friendly and accommodating people, the beautiful sights and attractions, and the historical riches of the city, are just some of these reasons. You have to come and see for yourself just how wonderful Cagayan de Oro is!

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'Kalandrakas', still: What's with the hyphen 'Kagay-an'?

Monday, June 25th, 2007

We are psyching up for Fiesta mood. All is set. Promote CDO Foundation, Inc. have decided — and recently launched, the Fiesta Festival to be called ‘Kagay-an’ (along with other activities for a week-long fun. Fine, not much to argue. But not until one takes a closer look and notice what’s a hyphen (-) doing in ‘Kagay-an’? There is unease.

After we posted our take on ‘Kalandrakas’, the lurking erudites — them that possesses profound knowledge — surfaced and enlightened us on this one. We share them to you. Be very concious now because, from the looks of it, we’re in ‘kalandrakas’, still.

From our Inbox:

Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007
Subject: Still on the hyphen in “Kagayan”
From: “Elson T. Elizaga”

Here’s a post I sent recently to our HCA egroup:

I’m glad Promote CDO Foundation has changed “Kalandrakas Festival” into “Kagay-an
Festival”. But I’m still wondering about the hy-phen in there. :) Yesterday, I consulted
some writers about the use of hyphens in writing, graphic design and advertising, and
this is what Doddie Pacion Householder wrote back, after reading my article in

“You presented a major point, Elson. I do agree with the ban on hyphens in general except in cases like the Spider-Man title. But in any case, it is just poor English or just plain stoopid to hyphenate a word in a title or tag line. If I was handling the Cagayan de Oro fiesta, I would probably suggest to the folks who to want to break up the word “kagayan” into “kagay an” to put a flower or asterisk in the middle of the space (kagay*an). Then it becomes a motif to work around it for designs and such. But not with a blasted hyphen. It is just plain wrong.”

Doddie is a succesful public relations writer. She lives in South Korea.

Another Cebuano writer and poet who works in Dubai gave comment, but I’m still waiting for his permission to share his message.

And, by the way, Gold Star Daily published “Kagay-an: Cagayan de Oro’s Fiesta Festival”
(June 23-24, 2007). It quotes VERBATIM my report of Dr. Lawrence’s Reid’s explanation of the etymology without indicating the writer. Absent, too, are quotation marks. Anyone knows how this happened? Can’t Promote CDO also promote local writers and researchers?

Kagay-an Festival to promote CDO for global tourism

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

Quoted: ”…once they’re here, introduce to them the best that the city can offer that will make them come back again and again.” — Rudolfo Meñes, president Promote CDO Foundation

Promoting Cagayan de Oro as a major tourism destination for the global community is the focus of this year’s Kagay-an Festival.

Rudolfo Meñes, president of Promote CDO Foundation tasked by the city government to lead this year’s annual fiesta celebration, disclosed that the goal of Kagay-an Festival is to succeed in attracting more international tourists to come to Cagayan de Oro during the month-long celebration.

In a press conference preceding the launch of the 2007 Kagay-an Festival held at the Kiosko Kagawasan in Divisoria over the weekend, Meñes pointed out that visitors who first come to Cagayan de Oro for tourism often come back to the city to explore its business potentials.

”The key here is to give them one good reason to come over to Cagayan de Oro, and once they’re here, introduce to them the best that the city can offer that will make them come back again and again,” Meñes said.

Promote CDO Foundation unveiled during Saturday’s launch, the five core events that make up this year’s Kagay-an Festival as well as the official logo and music video of the festival.

These events include the street dancing competition; float parade competition; agro-industrial trade fair; river activities such as dragon boat race, fluvial parade, river rafting and kayaking; and the Search for Miss Kagay-an Tourism.

The foundation also unveiled other accredited fiesta activities such as horse race, airsoft competition, and live-band competition, among others.

Meanwhile, Ruben Vegafria, chair of the 2007 fiesta management committee disclosed that this year’s street dancing competition promises something different and new as competing performers will have to perform using only one Higaonon beat.

Vegafria also said that prizes of the various competitions in this year’s Kagay-an Festival will be more attractive compared to the previous celebrations.

On the other hand, Ramid Gualberto chair of the Miss Kagay-an Tourism 2007 committee said that the beauty pageant committee will undertake a tedious process in screening the candidates of this year’s search.

Gualberto explained that this will ensure that the successful lady who will be crowned Miss Kagay-an Tourism 2007 can truly deliver the tasks expected of her as the city’s ambassadress of goodwill and as a key figure in the promotion of Cagayan de Oro as a major tourism destination in the country. (City Information Office)

Other organizations which seek accreditation for their fiesta-related activities are advised to visit the provincial office of the Department of Trade and Industry.

Festival calling…and the ruckus over “Kalandrakas”

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

Sometime last March of this year Promote CDO Foundation, Inc. (admirably yes, there is actually such an organization) initiated a contest for a “catchword” to brand a Cagayan de Oro Fiesta Signature Event with the primary objective of creating a festival name that will carve a spot for Cagayan de Oro in the tourism sector, and ultimately put the city in the Philippine calendar of major festivals.

The Promote CDO Foundation, Inc. has been granted by the City Government the exclusive right to manage and operate the fiesta events starting August 2007 pursuant to City Ordinance No. 10514-2007.

The likes of “Sinulog” of Cebu, “Dinagyang” of Iloilo, “Kadayawan” of Davao or the “Kaamulan” of Malaybalay, Bukidnon have become synonymous with their respective places and are also notable crowd-drawers. The organizers of the contest saw the need for Cagayan de Oro to come up with such branded event/festival to serve as one of the highlights of the city’s annual Fiesta celebration every August.

And so went the search for “BRANDING CDO FIESTA” with the following criteria: Uniqueness (distinctly CDO), Catchy (memory recall), Inspiring (projects positive image) and Timeless (lasting appeal). The contest rules added that the submitted term “may relate to culture, history, people or products of CDO.”

At the closing date for submissions, around 30 individuals — wearing Php 10,000 grand excitement, reportedly submitted entries. Eight terms were chosen by a select panel of judges as finalists and eventually two (yes, not one – this despite Rule #9 stating: “Only one (1) entry will be declared winner of the competition.”) were “almost unanimously” judged winners: “Kalandrakas” and “Kagay-an” — thus the signature fiesta event of CDO will be called “Kalandrakas Kagay-an”.

Ruckus over ‘Kalandrakas’
Recall: uniqueness, catchy, inspiring and timeless — and so we have “Kalandrakas” fitting closely to those descriptions. The announcement of the results was released with this justification:

“As a festival name, “Kalandrakas” celebrates our diverse abilities and collective aspirations as a people who have chosen to live in peace with one another, as one community. “Kalandrakas” also celebrates the way we have thrived in Mindanao, working together to make this Land of Promise bear fruit and sustain our way of living…” With Kalandrakas we celebrate the distinctiveness of Cagayan de Oro and the variety of festivities in our coming fiesta.”

As would any contest, the judges’ decision is deemed final.

But not until people started to raise quizzical eyebrows — and guffaws in between, not to mention a bit of antagonism.

Where were you nit-pickers? No loud open forum or some public statement surfaced, if only for the ‘love for CDO’.

We at CDOKAY caught ourselves eavesdropping to some hush objections (For one, we can dare mention the disapproval from the creative folks of Red Lambago Arts Collective). Wanting everything to be ‘okay’, we did a little research and were quite glad with what we found out.

Even, we are writing this one as an ‘official statement’ of CDOKAY — counting among the many voices that simmered in the whole commotion. For the record, we are not finding fault with the other winning term “Kagay-an”, for obvious reasons.

With “Kalandrakas”, we have quite a blabber here:

“Kalandrakas” plays on colloquialism (or slang) and does not weigh much relevance on the historical and socio-cultural aspects of Cagayan de Oro. The likes of “Sinulog” of Cebu, “Dinagyang” of Iloilo, “Kadayawan” of Davao, “Kaamulan” of Bukidnon and “Lanzones” of Camiguin are truly reflective of the said places’ respective cultures. “Kalandrakas” or any semblance of it is nowhere in the historical possessions of Cagayan de Oro.

We contend that “Kalandrakas” is not ‘diversity’ as explained by the entrant. In fact, at first impression, it is closer in meaning to “topsy-turvy,” “chaotic,” “disorder,” “disarray” and its ilk. As observed, the street lingo has even brought a new meaning to “Kalandrakas” to mean “violence” or the shades of it. What, in defiance with our “golden friendship” slogan?

One website has even labeled “Kalandrakas” as an irreverent word – in the likes of “tulibagbag,” and “kuwanggol” – you go find more inane terms HERE, please see item #24. Other than that, a web search for a definition of “Kalandrakas” cannot offer you much.

Playing soothsayers, we can see how the people can make fun out of “Kalandrakas”, much so in a Festival setting where concepts and choreography are highly expected to be ingenious and ‘well thought-out’. If things don’t turn out well, which can actually happen in live shows, “Kalandrakas” can be dragged to one jester’s stupid remark: “Nag-kalandrakas!”.

‘Kalandralas’ no more
CDOKAY sent the same ‘concerned’ statements to Promote CDO Foundation, Inc. And one fine day, in a letter dated 08 May 2007, we got this sigh-of-a-response:

“The new catchword is still being reviewed by the Board of the Foundation due to the adverse comments that we have been receiving. Rest assured, the Board will consider the helpful inputs that you have pointed out to us.

Thank you for your concern and let us all unite and work together to develop and promote our beloved Cagayan de Oro!”

Happy Fiesta!
Sans “Kalandrakas” and still with no “catchword” in our consciousness, we go back and say that all is not wasted. The effort of the Foundation to come up with the contest is significant and admirable. Cheers!!!

For some reason, it was an eye-opener: Are we really hard-up on festival calling? Or do we go for something more relevant this time — of which seemingly we are yet to conceive, collectively.

Whew! Our history books almost got mired. We were on the brink of promoting CDO as a “city gone funny.” Meanwhile, we all look forward to a “Happy Fiesta” — like there is more to look forward to for CDO — because “City of Golden Friendship Gud, Okay Gyud!”

———————— Related News ————————-

Promote CDO to launch “Kagay-an Festival”

Strengthening government and private sector collaboration in the city, the Promote CDO Foundation, Inc. is set to launch the 2007 “Kagay-an Festival” on Saturday, June 23..

Rudolfo Meñes, president of the Promote CDO Foundation said that the launch of the fiesta celebration on Saturday will be held at the Kiosko-Kagawasan at 5:00 p.m.

Ruben Vegafria, chair of the fiesta management committee and member of the said organization said that henceforth, the city fiesta celebration will be dubbed as “Kagay-an Festival.”

During the launching, the fiesta organizers will unveil to the public the five core events of the annual fiesta celebration, namely: street dancing competition, float parade competition, agro-industrial trade fair, river activities (dragon boat race, fluvial parade, river rafting and kayaking) and Miss Kagay-an Tourism 2007.

Promote CDO Foundation, Inc. will also unveil other accredited fiesta activities such as horse race, airsoft competition, and live-band competition, among others.

(City Information Office)

Fiesta activities all set: Mayor Emano

Monday, August 7th, 2006

As the city fiesta celebration aspires to go global, City Mayor Vicente Y. Emano disclosed that all line-up activities for the fiesta celebration are now set and ready.

But even as the city fiesta executive body headed by city councilor Jose Benjamin Benaldo wants the festivities to go global, Mayor Emano asked the different committee chairpersons to make their budgetary requirements as trim as possible.

“Everything is ready but I would like to ask all the chairperson of each activity to celebrate it simply yet we can still achieve unity and harmony in a simple celebration,” Mayor Emano said.

He pointed out that spending too much for the festivities is not necessary at this time citing that many of our fellowmen are still suffering from poverty.

The mayor added that the fiesta celebration must be aimed to make everybody happy, especially the masses.

The month-long celebration will kick-off with the Indigay sa Banda sa Divisoria that will start on August 4, during the Friday edition of the Night Café, Miss Cagayan de Oro press presentation on August 12 at the Kagay-an Resort; Agro-Fair (Pista sa Kaumahan) from August 14-20 at the City Hall Quadrangle, Miss Cagayan de Oro talent competition at SM city on August 17, Lambagohan Festival’s launching of riverside barangay cleanliness and beautification contest on August 18 followed by Rigodon de Honor in the evening.

The 14th swimming competition will be staged in Marco Hotel on the 19th followed by a Miss Cagayan de Oro swimsuit competition and sponsor’s night both at Koresco Hotel on the same day.

On the 20th, Lambagohan Festival’s Bangkite will be at Gaston Park followed by a concert of international balladeer David Pomeranz at Lim Ket Kai Mall. A cultural show by government agencies will be staged at the Amphitheater on the 21st followed by a neo-cultural show of the universities in the city on 22-24.

On the evening of August 24, 15 ladies will vie for the Miss Cagayan de Oro 2006 title at Lim Ket Kai Mall during the pageant night.

On August 25, the festive Kagay-an Festival will be held in the major streets of the city, followed by a Motocross clinic and competition in Kauswagan until the 27th, rodeo cup in Lim Ket Kai until the 27th, marathon around the city and a cultural show at Lim Ket Kai center.

A mountain bike race, basketball with the stars at Liceo de Cagayan University Gym, and grand championship of the Indigay sa Banda at Kiosko Kagawasan will be held on August 26.

On August 27, the annual civic military parade will be held around the city, a continuation of the mountain bike race, Lambagohan Festival’s Whitewater Rafting Race in the river, midnight marathon around the city and cultural presentation at the Amphitheater.

On the fiesta day, August 28, there will be a diana with the 4th ID band around the city, marathon, and the famous activities of Lambagohan Festival such as Kayak and Jetski exhibition, Boat Paddle Race and Fluvial Parade in the river. It will be capped with a singing contest, Tsada Pop Music Festival at the Amphitheater on the evening of the city fiesta. (City Information Office)
nformation Office)