How to get to Bohol From Cagayan de Oro

Bohol, an island province in the Philippines, is situated in the Central Visayas area. It is composed of Bohol Island and 75 smaller islands surrounding the major island. With an area of 1,589.7 square miles and a coastline of 162 miles, Bohol, which has Tagbilaran City as its capital, is the 10th biggest island in the country. It is bordered by Cebu to the west, the island of Leyte to the northeast and Mindanao to the south.

Bohol is a province known for its tourist destinations, with the Chocolate Hills (composed of heaps of limestone), as its most famous attraction. Southwest of Tagbilaran City lies Panglao Island, a world-renown diving location. People also visit Bohol to get a glimpse of the Philippine Tarsier, the smallest living primate in the world.

In addition, the “Republic of Bohol,” as locals fondly call their homeland, is the home province of the fourth President of the Philippines, Carlos P. Garcia. He was born in Talibon, Bohol.

The province can be reached by boat or plane. When you come from Cagayan de Oro (Northern Mindanao), it is best to take a plane or ferry to Cebu. From there, you can take a short 25-minute flight or take a one and a half hour trip riding a fast boat to Tagbilaran City. If you are not in a hurry, you can take the regular boat, which will take you to the city in about four hours. Also, it is possible to ride on a boat to Tubigon and Talibon, that is, if you want to be on the north coast or west of the island province.

Nowadays, however, a lot of Kagay-anons prefer to take boat trips that travel directly to Bohol. Trans-Asia, Cebu Ferries and Sulpicio Lines have regular trips that take travelers straight from Cagayan de Oro to either Jagna or Tagbilaran in Bohol. If you want to save time and money, this is the best way to go as there is no more need to stopover in Cebu.

For those coming from Manila, one of the options is to go to Cebu and take the ferry there. One shipping company actually has a Manila-Tagbilaran trip, but it’s quite a long one. You leave on a Monday evening and you get to Tagbilaran very early on Wednesday.

If you want to make the best of your trip, though, the best way to go is to spend a few days in Cagayan de Oro first before crossing over to Bohol. You’ll get to enjoy Cagayan de Oro’s many adventurous thrills before you go diving and snorkeling in Bohol. CDO’s whitewater rafting, eco-adventures, and the zipline in Dahilayan, Bukidnon, provide the perfect jumpstart for your Bohol adventure.

Book a trip to Cagayan de Oro and Bohol now and enjoy the best of both worlds!

-Rose Anne Quirante & Maia Fortich-Poblete-

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