CDOkay Asian Travel Guide: Saigon, Vietnam

We have all heard of Saigon before, mostly because of the Broadway musical Miss Saigon that our beloved Lea Salonga famously starred in countless times before. Now that travel between the 10 ASEAN countries—the Philippines and Vietnam included—is more affordable and convenient, take the time to explore this historical city known around the world for its stories of war, grief, hope, and redemption.

What’s in Saigon?

Don’t go all melancholic when thinking of Saigon at present because the city is now a lively urban capital. Vietnamese cuisine is a major draw, with restaurants serving delicious local delicacies. Urban nightlife is also a favorite attraction among young adults. Sidewalk cafes, bars and other modern hangouts light up the city at night.

The historical value of many of the city’s landmarks is indeed a major draw, but there are also lots of enjoyable things to look forward to in Saigon.

Places you shouldn’t miss:

If you are time-constrained yet want to make the most out of your Saigon trip, head over to District One where most of the city’s most popular landmarks, including the following, can be found.

Saigon Notre Dame Basilica – A product of European architecture and engineering, the cathedral is a beautiful place for worship and architectural appreciation. It reflects the city’s history as a former French colony.

Opera House – Western and Asian productions are staged here.

Reunification Palace – An imposing colonial structure considered as a historical landmark. It used to be the residence and workplace of the South Vietnam President before the Fall of Saigon.

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